IT Consulting

We are known as a leading recruitment firm in India can help you reduce your recruitment cost and time These include sourcing, screening, negotiating. We combine speed, efficiency, flexibility, professional service, and lower cost with the latest technology to furnish the best candidates for your firm .

Risthisha Information Systems has one of the best hiring practices. Through these practices we are able to source, filter and identify the right resources for your requirements. We do not claim that we can always find you the right resource. However, we always claim that when we find a resource they will be one of the closest matches that you can find in the market place.

Rithisha, unlike other placement firms, supports the consultant to be able to deliver services in a highly professional manner. When a client hires a Rithisha Information Systems consultant, they hire the company too. We support our consultants technically, so that they can deliver quality work to our clients. We have various mentoring programs for consultants at all levels. These programs ensure that our consultants deliver quality work product.

Rithisha Information Systems offers its services to place permanent resources. If any of our clients want to take our consultants on a permanent basis, we welcome that opportunity. We take pride in being able to offer resources that our clients seek to retain on a permanent basis.

Rithisha Information Systems also offers services to source, filter and identify candidates to be hired by our clients on a permanent basis.